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Hello everybody. I started to work slowly again on the Police discography. For the true fans of this piece of work, I have many additions, but I would also like to work on the visual parts, i.e. adding cover scans. If you have any additions to send, PLEASE SEND THEM IN THE CORRECT FORMAT, so I do not have to edit each addition I get. The information requested are clearly reported in this list, please do not miss one.
Actually, the Police discography should be quite complete for "regular" UK, USA and Italian issues up to '86, plus there are many entries from France, Germany and Holland. There are also some issues from Japan, Australia and Spain.
Sorry if something is missing or unclear. Let me know if you find something incorrect.
Permission to redistribute and copy this discography is granted to everyone, but keep it completely intact, including this introduction. Permission is also granted to everybody who wants to use excerpts of this discography, but you must quote the source! You have to ask for permission to publish this for commercial purposes, on CD-ROMs or on paper.
You may want to look also to two discography companion, the Police tour dates and Police related discography. They are near the place you get this. Sorry! No Sting discography. You can always get the latest revisions on:

Special thanks to Brian Baker and Andrea Giannone, for their updates in the correct format, and to Ethan Evan Prater for his suggestions. Please see the thanks list at the end, too.
Please Ethan and Brian write me, your addresses I have are no more valid. Some of the information contained herein are taken from the "freaks" newsletter, by Erwin Kempen, with permission, and from private / public emails also by Erwin with permission.
[This note will be deleted and anything go to the credits section] Thank You, and have a good time!
						Carlo Bolchini

[Things in square brackets are my comments].

Police lineup

Gordon Matthew Sumner (Sting): Fender Precision Bass, Ibanez et al. Born 2nd October 1951, Wallsend, Northumberland, UK.
Stewart Armstrong Copeland: Tama Drums, Zildijan/Paiste cymbals. Born 16th July 1952, Alexandria, Virginia, USA.
Andrew James Somers (Summers): Fender Telecaster '63 Customized. Born 31st December 1942, Blackpool, UK.

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