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* Eberhard Schoener: "Video-Flashback" * (11/1979)
Trans-AM 3:25 / Only the wind 4:08 / Speech behind speech 5:39 / Koan 8:56 // Octogon 6:53 / Frame of mind 5:42 / Signs of emotions 2:48 / Code-word Elvis 4:05 / Video-magic 4:03.
	[All 3 Police credited on back cover.

* Eberhard Schoener: "Video-Magic" * (1980)
Octogon 6:53 / Speech behind speech 5:39 / Natural high 3:32 / Code-word Elvis 8:01 // Video-magic 4:03 / Night bound city 3:12 / San Francisco waitress 3:22 / Koan 11:59
	[Only Sting and Andy credited on cover.
	 IT: ENERGY ENR 57005.
	 US: A&M ST 12171.
	 In Italy it was pressed in 1980 (on the matrix there's
	 the date 3-10-80), but on the label can be read: (P) 1978 EMI
	 Electrola GmbH].

* Eberhard Schoener: Video Magic * (1981, Harvest)
Trans-Am 3:25 / Why Don't You Answer 4:31 / Natural High 3:32 / Signs Of Emotion 2:48 / Flashback 3:08 // Octagon 6:53 / San Francisco Waitress 3:22 / Code Word Elvis 4:08 / Powerslide 1:35
	[US:  ST-12171 (12").
	 Sting, Stewart, and Andy are credited on all songs.]
	[Courtesy of Brian Baker].
	[OK. Let's start guessing why my and Brian's copies are different.
	 It seems that the US and Italian/European copies differs
	 a lot.....]

HARVESTHAR 5196Video Magic / Code Word Elvis (1/1980, UK).
[Single. Also as promo].
* Brimstone & treacle * (9/1984, A&M)
When the roll is called up yonder (1) 2:10 / Brimstone & treacle (2) 2:13 / Narration (2) 4:00 / How stupid Mr Bates (3) 2:39 / Only you (2) 3:30 / I burn for you (3) 4:45 // Spread a little happiness (2) 3:23 / We got the beat (4) 2:30 / You know I had the strangest dream (2) 2:10 / Up the junction (5) 3:10 / Bless this house (6) 0:50 / A kind of loving (3) 2:15 / Brimstone 2 (2) 4:02.
	[UK, NL: AMLH 64915.
	 US: CD-3245 (CD); CS-3245 (Cassette).
	 The performers are as follows: (1) Finley children's music
	 group. (2) Sting. (3) The Police. (4) Go-go's. (5) The Squeeze.
	 (6) The Brimstone chorale].

* Eberhard Schoener: Music From "Video Magic" and "Flashback" * (1986, Gaia)
Rhine Bow 8:08 / Natural High 3:32 / Speech Behind Speech 5:39 / Codeword Elvis 4:08 // Video Magic 4:03 / Night Bound City 3:12 / San Francisco Waitress 3:22 / Koan 11:59.
	[US: 13 9003-1 (12").
	 Sting and Andy are credited.  The picture sleeve says the
	 songs are remixed, but they don't have any noticable
	 differences that I've been able to determine.]
	[Courtesy of Brian Baker].
	[DE: Mercury 830 824-1 (LP); CD extension -2.
	 Also here: "Remixed at the EMI-Electrola-Studio Cologne, 1978
	 		at the Arco Studio Minich, 1986"].

POLYDOR863 827-2Why Don't You Answer (Radio Mix) 3:16 / Why Don't You Answer (12" Mix) 6:13 / Why Don't You Answer (Classic Mix) 4:21, (1992, DE, CD5).
[Sting and Andy are credited]. [Courtesy of Brian Baker. Single by "Eberhard Schoener dance experience"].

COMPILATIONS with the Police

RCAPL 42339Punk Collection (1977, IT).
[Police appear with 'Fall Out'].
A&MSP 4738No Wave (1978, US).
[Clear Vinyl. Police appear with 'Roxanne' and 'Next to you'].
A&MPR 4738No Wave (1978, US).
[Same as above, but limited and numbered edition picture disc. Available either on blue wax or as a pizza picture disc].
A&MAMLE 68505No Wave, (2/79, UK).
A&M????A&M Pre-realise sampler #23, (US Promo).
[Cut-out cover. Next to you].

* Propaganda, No wave volume 2 * (9/79, A&M)
	[UK, NL: AMLE 64786.
	 US: SP 3786; CS-3178 (Cassette).
	 Police appear with "Landlord 2:36 / Next to you 3:09",
	 recorded live by WNEW-FM at the Bottom Line, N.Y. 4/4/1979.
	 The US edition includes poster].

A&M????A&M Pre-realise sampler #26 (10/10/79, US Promo).
[Cut-out cover. "Message in a bottle" and "It's alright for you"].
CBS84172Rock 80 (1980, NL).
[Is this the sameas the following ?].
CBSSDC 30Rock of the 80's (1980, FR).
['Visions of the night'. Green vinyl promo album].
K-TELBLP80011Superstar 80, Riding high (1980, FR).
['Walking on the moon'/'Deathwish'].
* URGH! A music war * (1981, A&M)
	[UK: AMLX 64692 (2LP).
	 IT, NL: AMLM 66019 (2LP).
	 DE: LP 396 019-1 (2LP), 2CASS extension -4.
	 US: SP 6019 (2LP), CD 6019 (CD, 1989), CS 6019 (2CASS).
	 Includes "Driven to tears 3:24" recorded live in Paris,
	 Frejus Amphiteater, 28/8/1980.
	 See also the video section].

IRSILP 85330Illegal greatest hits (1981, FR, NL).
['Fall out' on side 2].
IRSSP 70000Illegal greatest hits (1981, US).
[As above].
IRSSP 70800Illegal greatest hits Volume 2 & 3 (1981, US, 2LP).
[CS-70800 (Cassette). 'Fallout' again (on side three). Also KK].
A&MSP-17174A&M Pre-realise sampler #47 (1981, US Promo).
[Cut-out cover. Every little thing she does is magic].
A&M????Dance 2 it (US).
[No more info. Promo].
[Includes also a KK contribution. Promo].
CBS25811*Title in Greek* (1983, GR).
[Every breath you take].
Polydor00 00539Long Playing, (1986, AR promo).
[Don't stand so close to me '86. Appears also Sting solo with Strange Fruit].
* Every breath you take: The singles * (1986, A&M)
	[UK: EVERY 1 -or- 393902-1 (LP); EVERC 1 (CASS); EVERCD 1 (CD).
	 Yugoslavia: 2420341.
	 US: CD 3902/DX 824 (CD); CS 3902 (CASS); SP-3902 (LP).
	 The CD has 'So Lonely' as extra track.
	 Features a new version of 'Don't stand so close to me' ('86)].

* 21 Years Of Alternative Radio I * (10/88, Strange Fruit)
	[UK: SFRLP 200; SFRCD 200 (CD).
	 Police appear with a live "Can't stand losing you 5:30",
	 taken from the BBC broadcast "In Concert".
	 Hmmmm..., yes, it's from Hatfield!].

* The Marquee 30 legendary years * (1989, Polydor)
	[UK: MQTV 1 (2LP); MQTVC 1 (Cassette); 840 010-2 (CD).
	 Police appear with "Don't stand so close to me 4:03"].

* After the hurricane - songs for Montserrat * (1989, Chrysalys)
	[UK: CHR 1750.
	 Police appear with "Invisible Sun"].

IRSIRSD-82010These people are nuts! (1989, US, CD).
["Nothing achieving 1:55" and "Don't Care 2:06" by Klark Kent. Other sources says IRS X2-13010].
A&M540 030-2Their greatest hits (1990, UK, CD).
[Same as Every breath you take: The Singles, but with different package].
* Every breath you take: The Classics * (9/1995, A&M)
	[US: 3145 4 0380
	 Sigh, another greatest hits. The only change to "The Singles"
	 is the original version od Don't stand so close to me, instead of the '86
	 version, and a Phil Nicolo remix of Message in a bottle].


	** Off the record			(Westwood one)
	[Airs week of 23/1/84.
	 Double set. No new music in it, and there is a long interview
	 with Andy Summers (no sting nor Stew)].

	** Self-Portrait '85			(NBC Radio, NBC-85-POL)
	[This is a 6 record set, released to US radio stations, including
	 lots of interviews, album tracks and live tracks.  The only live
	 track never officially released is Roxanne, recorded during the
	 Synchronicity tour.]

	** BBC's Concert for the colonies	(Westwood One)
	[Airs weekend 4 July 1986. Show # CC-7/4-86.
	 8 LP set, contains Roxanne, Next to you and
	 Can't stand losing you].

	** Rock connection #40			(CBS)
	[Airdate 20-22 February 1987.
	 Roxanne, Every breath you take].

	** Rock over London			(Westwood One)
	[Airs weekend 18-19 June 1988. Show # 88-25.
	 Double set. "Once upon a daydream"].

	** Rock in the 80's - Decade review	(Westwood One)
	[Airs weekend 22-26 November 1989. Show # 11-22.
	 5 LP set. Contains Every breath you take].


[All Videos are in VHS format, unless otherwise stated.
 Remember that in the US is in use NTSC, in Europe we have PAL and SECAM,
 while in Japan they have NTSC, but different from North America system].

URGH! A Music War, By Derek Burbidge (1978)
	[Police appears with Driven to tears/Roxanne/So lonely]
The Police Around The World	(Polygram; R-226, US;
				 LR-226, JP (LaserDisc))
The Synchronicity Concert	(PMV/A&M 089926-3/AM826 '84 DE;
				 Polygram R-227 US;
				 LR-227 JP (LaserDisc)).
Every Breath You Take - The Videos (A&M AM834 '86 UK - VHS + BETA;
				    Polygram R-873 US).
Their Greatest Hits		(PMV/A&M 089872-3 '86 DE;
				 Polygram LR-2580 JP (LaserDisc);
				 Cargo R-2580 CA).
	[Same as above, but with different package].
Live ghost in machine		(R-3615 JP) [What is this ?].
"Synchronicity II" appears on ROCK CLASSICS video compilation - Polygram 1991
From Outlandos to Synchronicities >>SEE<< (Polygram R-3280 US).


Accompanying The Police - By Nick St. Michael.
The Police, L'Historia bandido - By Hugh Fielder an Phil Sutcliffe
	The Proteus Publishing Group, 1981.
The Police Video Book - By Jill Davidson.
Sting: Every Breath He Takes - By Barney Cohen
	Berkeley Publishing Group, New York, 1984.
The Police: A Visual Documentary - By Miles
	Omnibus Press, 1981.
Sting & Police - By Jean-Marie Leduc
	Editions Albin Michel, Paris, 1988.
The Police Complete - Wise Publications, London, 1983
	[The complete Police song-book]
The Police In Japan - A Japanese book of photos taken during their
	second Japanese tour. Only a few hundred copies were available
	in Europe via mail order.
Six Song Books.
The Police Photographed by Lynn Goldsmith - USA.
Sting - by Steve Gett - USA.
Sting is Martin Taylor in Brimstone & Treacle - by Sarah Potter - UK.
The Police - by James Milton - UK.
The Police Released - Big O Publishing - UK.
Record Collector magazine numbers:
	#29 Jan 1982, #30 Feb 1982, #52 Dec 1983, #72 Aug 1985.
	[The last one reports the Police UK discography complete
	 up to 1985].
	Record collector, Diamond publishing Group, London.
Get Me The Police, GMTP Productions Ltd.
	[An incredible fanzine for Police collectors].
The Hot Wacks Book XII, The Hot Wacks Press, Toronto, 1987.
	[Good for bootleg lovers].


1980	'Reggatta de blanc', Best Rock Instrumental Performance
	-- The Police
1981	'Don't Stand So Close To Me', Best Rock Vocal Performance by
	a Duo Or Group  -- The Police
1981	'Behind My Camel', Best Rock Instrumental Performance
	-- The Police
1983	'Every Breath You Take', Best Pop Performance by a Duo or Group
	with Vocal  -- The Police
1983	'Synchronicity', Best Rock Performance by a Duo or Group with
	Vocal  -- The Police
1983	'Every Breath You Take', Song of the Year  -- Sting
1983	'Brimstone and Treacle', Best Rock Instrumental Performance
	-- Sting
1986	'Bring On The Night', Best Long-Form video  -- Sting
1987	'Bring On The Night', Best Male Vocal Artist  -- Sting


1984 'Every Breath You Take', Song of the Year -- Sting 1985 'Wrapped Around Your Finger', and 'King Of Pain', Most Performed Song -- Sting

BPI AWARDS (England)

1987 'Nothing Like The Sun', Best Album of the Year -- Sting


Island Wip 6671	Sheila Hilton "Bed's too big without you", (1980, UK).
Island 12Wip 6673	Grace jones: Demolition man, (1981, UK, 12").
	[Included also on her LP "Nightclubbin'", and also as 7"].
Dindisc DID 13	Hot gossip: Geisha boys and temple girls, (1981, IT).
	["Burn for you". Printed before Police version].
RCA RCALP 8001	Arrested, (1983, UK).
	[Or RCAPL 25453 ?
	 Ouch! The Royal Philarmonic Orchestra & Friends performing
	 Police tracks. I refuse to write down the track listing,
	 especially because I listened to it. If you want to get the tape:
	 RCAK 8001 (or PK 25453 ?)].
Warehouse Rcds WARET 2	Otis Ligget: Every breath you take /
			Every breath you take (instrumental), (1983, UK, 12").
Fulltime FTM 31528	Interpol: Dancing on the moon 4:45 /
			D.o.t.m. (instrumental) 4:20 / D.o.t.m. (another
			mix) 4:00 / Skegaway 3:08, (1983, IT, 12").
	["Dancing on the moon" is a "dance" medley of Police songs].
TRY 002	Therapy: Next to you / Invisible sun (UK, 1996)
	[A green vinyl single bootleg by Therapy from England.
	 "Next to you" is a duet with Sting, flipside by Therapy only.
	 "Try to Understand Records"].
[There is also a cover by Big Daddy. My favourite Police cover..].

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