A Police Bootlegs Discography

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Last updated on 08/01/2016

Non silver pressings are not listed, so no CDR "editions" here!

Format(s) Title Cat # Bootlegged show
2CD 3 ghosts caught in the act Blue knight records BKR 016 1982-09-03 USA S. Bernardino and 1983 Synchronicity tour rehearsals
LP A Sting in the tale ARC0078 Assorted b-sides
LP Act Responsible Easy Flyte Flight 401 1986-06-15 East Rutheford
CD Ask That's life TL 930035 1983-11-03 Atlanta
3CD At the Globe Crystal Cat CC 839-41 2007-08-30 Stockholm and 1979-06-22 Amsterdam
CD Atlanta d'amour Beech marten BM 031 1983-11-03 Atlanta
LP Au Bourget   1982-01-10 Paris
LP Australian tour Juke-box records 1981-02-22 Melbourne
CD Back in New York Music research TP 7911 1979-11-29 New York City, Palladium
LP Blotter Avion 1980-04-02 Milano, Palalido
CD Bootleg Great live records GLR9247 1979-02-21 Hatfield
CD Born in the 50's Great Dane GDR CD 8917 1979-04-07 Boston
CD/CS Born in the 50's On stage 12028 1979-04-07 Boston
CD Boston Buccaneer BUC055 1979-11-27 Boston
CD/CASS Bring on the night Overload 1980-04-28 Newcastle
2LP/CD Bring on the night Swingin' Pig 1980-08-22 Beziers
2LP Budokan Radio On The sphinx SR 10-14 1981-02-02 Tokyio
LP Classical songs Memories & AM records AM 610 1979-02-21 Hatfield
LP Come back boys, all's forgiven   1979-03-04 Berkeley
LP Come back boys, all's forgiven Evergreen productions STING 33 1986-06-15 East Rutheford
LP Cop 101   Remix of 3 Police songs
LP Cop success A happy porpak production 1979-11-27 Boston
LP Cops in the Machineworld TAKRL 2001/Chameleon 1981-02-22 Melbourne
CD Crimewatch Big music BIG 015 1980-04-28 Newcastle
2LP Crooked Cops   1981-03-16 Melbourne
2xCS De do do do / De da da da IC 9234 / IC9235  
LP De do do Dortmund XY 4500-007 1983-10-10 Dortmund
CD En Vina del Mar Rhythm and Blues RR124 1982 Chile, Vina del Mar
CD/CS Every breath you take On Stage CD 12044 / MC 12044 1983-08-02 Montreal and 1986-06-15 East Rutheford
LP Every breech you take PISI records MC2632G2 1983-10-03 Lyon
CD Evolution vol. 1 and 2 Golden stars WPCD 1085 and 1086 1981-02-22 Melbourne
7" acetate Fall out   1980-08-22 Beziers Live and studio versions
CD Fall out Party line PLCD 003 1981-02-02 Tokyo
LP Fame at any price   "A Sting in the tale" variant
CD For a few ones! Buccaneer BUC 0044 1979-04-03 and 04 New York City, Bottom Line
LP Frejus   1983-09-24 Frejus
LP From Tokyo to Chile with excitements   Various sources
LP Future Future Records NW-8104 Remix of Police songs, same as "Manhattan"
CD Greatest hits live Chartbusters chart-040-a 1979-02-21 Hatfield
Picture LP Hammersmith Odeon London Chealsea records 1979-02-21 Hatfield
CD Happy birthday Sting GoodFellas FELL05 1983-10-01 Barcelona
2CD Here in New Haven Wardour-106 1982-01-23 New Haven
CD I was born for success American concert series ACS017 1979-03-15 Kansas City
2LP I was born in the 50's Edinburgh records 2R-70 1979-02-21 Hatfield and 1979-03-15 Kansas City
2LP I'd like to thank the Beatles for lending us their stadium   1983-08-18 New York City, Shea Stadium
LP I'm next to you   1979-03-04 Berkeley
CD In Concert Coqueiro Verde 7898929400666 2008-02-13 Tokyo, Dome
CD In Concert - Germany 1980 Immortal IMM 104240 1980-10-18 Essen, Rockpalast
CD In Concert - Germany 1980 Novodisc Midia Digital BCD 0003 1980-10-18 Essen, Rockpalast
2LP In Japan   1981-02-02 Tokyo
2LP In the name of the law! What records 58 1979-09-27 New York City, Hotel Diplomat and other sources
2LP Interrogated Terrific tunes records TT 04 1981 New York and London
3x7" Interview picture discs POLICE 1/2/3 1979 approx. interview with Sting
LP King of pain S&M SM-3890 1983-08-02 Montreal
CD Laser villians Royal sound RS-CD-92102 1979-02-21 Hatfield
10" Acetate Last train Bad Rat Records BRR 013 1979-02-21 Hatfield
CD Live AMCOS SW 95 1979-02-21 Hatfield
LP Live! REDE records RE.DE 023 1980-04-04 Torino
2LP Live and in Synch AMI and Caliban records 1983-11-03 Atlanta
CD Live at Boston Orpheum Theatre Boston....... International POP INP013 1979-11-27 Boston
CD Live at the Omni Atlanta.... International POP INP012 1983-11-03 Atlanta
LP Live at Zellerbach Police/Sniff 1979-03-04 Berkeley
LP Live caught in the act Copeland record 48 1979-11-29 New York City, Palladium
LP Live in Barcelona! All day music records 21184 1983-10-01 Barcelona
Picture LP Live in Berkeley Wind Records 1979-03-04 Berkeley
7" Live in Canada Collector items 8921 113 1983-08-02 Montreal
CD Live in Germany 1980 Diamond Disc 1980-01-11 Hamburg, Rockpalast
LP/CD Live in Italy Adventure AR 3401 1980-04-02 Milano
CD Live in London February 9 1979 Seagull CD 011 1979-02-21 Hatfield
LP Live in Milano   1980-04-02 Milano
2LP Live in New York City 1978   1979-11-29 New York City, "The Polic" variant
2LP/CD Live in Paris Various 1980-08-22 Beziers
LP Live in U.S.A. 1979   1979-11-27 Boston
LP/CD/CASS Live USA Imtrat 1979-04-07 Boston
CD Live USA JD Records JDP 056 1983-11-03 Atlanta
CD Live USA '83 LSD Records CD 152.023 1983-11-03 Atlanta
CD London Gig Buccaneer BUC 013 1979-02-21 Hatfield
CD Lost BBC studio tapes 78-79 Masquerad MQ007 Various sources
LP Manhattan Love Joy Music Remix of 3 Police songs
LP/CD Many miles away The swingin' pig 1983-08-02 Montreal
LP Many miles away Synchronicity records 1983-10-10 Dortmund
3LP May the farce be with you Porpak 038 ATPB 2 BOX 1979-02-21 Hatfield, 1979-03-15 Kansas City and 1979-04-07 Boston
Picture LP Melbourne Australia   1981-02-22 Melbourne
LP/CD Message from New York Flashback Flash 04.91.0144 1979-04-03 and 04 New York City, Bottom Line
2LP Message in a bottle Calico productions AST6035 1979-11-29 New York City and 1979-06-23 London, BBC In Concert
CD Message in a bottle (Vol. 1) Banana BAN-025-A 1986-06-15 East Rutheford and Hatfield 1979-02-21
CD Message in a bottle (Vol. 2) Banana BAN-025-B 1980-08-22 Beziers
CD Message in a bottle (Vol. 3) Banana BAN-025-C 1981-02-22 Melbourne
LP MM-14 MM-14 1979-10-02 New York City, Long Island
2LP Modus operandi Monomatapa records 34-003 1979-11-27 Boston, Orpheum
2LP New York 1980 Zebra records 5564 1979-04-04 New York City, Bottom Line and 1979-11-27 Boston
CD No title Archivio ARC 016 1977-08-05 Mont de Marsan
2CD Northern outlaws Naked Sun Co. NSCCD-004-1/2 1979-03-08 Houston and 1980-11-24 Toronto
LP acetate Now and alive UFO records 1016 1979-05-04, Miami FL, 1st set
Picture LP Old glory   Assorted b-sides
CD One world Stars and stripes 001 1983-03-11 Atlanta
CD One world all of us Mainstream MSBR-070 1982-09-03 San Bernardino
CD Orphèum Digital phono digit 103 1979-04-03 and 04 New York City, Bottom Line
Picture LP Pioneers d'amour ARC 0079 1979-01-18 Bremen, Musikladen
CD Police & Sting - World tour in concert Joker productions WTO-10 Various sources
LP Police Hit   1979-03-04 Berkeley
LP Police in Hawaii   1983-11-03 Atlanta
CD Policemen in New York Home records HR6020-1 1979-04-04 New York City, Bottom Line
LP Policemen play Europe Express Exp-88202 1980-04-02 Milano
LP Pre-synchronisms ARC SRC 0074 1977-08-05 Mont de Marsan
10" acetate Rat race Retro Records 1978-10-29 Boston, The Rathskeller
LP Red Maple Ali Baba's pyramids YA 127 003 1983-08-02 Montreal
LP Reggatta de live 1979 Spy records 1978-10-02 New York, Long Island
LP/CD Reunion concert 1986 The swingin' pig TSP 097 1986-06-15 East Rutheford
2LP Rockpalast '81 PO 8011 1980-10-18 Essen, Rockpalast
LP Rolling Stone   1977-08-05 Mont de Marsan
CD Slits on my back Raid masters RMCD 910708 1981-02-02 Tokyo
LP Somewhere out there in time X-mas special 1985 / Chameleon 1981-02-22 Melbourne
2CD St. Valentine day Tarantura TCDP 1-1,2 1980-02-14 Tokyo
2CD Stick out - Sting in Sound carrier system SCS 8401718 1979-03-15 Kansas City and 1981-02-02 Tokyo
2LP Sting the girls and make them die Rising sun 29553 1979-11-29 NYC Palladium and 1979-06-23 London
CD Sting's birthday Fall Out records 1983-10-01 Barcelona
CD Sting's birthday party Mainstream MSBR-073 01-10-1983 Barcelona
10" Acetate Sting's birthday party Bad Rat Records BRR 009 1983-10-01 Barcelona
2LP Stingin' in the rain PCF 184/1 + PCF 184/2 1984-01-30 Rome
7" Strikes again! Eagle's flight OX556 1979-02-21 Hatfield
LP Support the cops A&B records 349737 1980-10-18 Essen, Rockpalast
2LP Synchonicity '83 AMI records 374836 1983-11-03 Atlanta
LP Tea in the Sahara All day music 1983-10-01 Barcelona
CD Tea in the Sahara Templar TCD 12 1983-11-03 Atlanta
CD The Cops hit Hatfield Retropop 159086 1979-02-21 Hatfield
LP The final solution X-mas special 1991 Various sources
LP The king biscuit's music show   1979-02-21 Hatfield
2LP/2CD The last farewell Various 1983-11-03 Atlanta
CD The perfect show Planet-X records plan 022 1979-02-21 Hatfield and 1979-11-29 NYC Palladium
2LP The Polic   1979-11-29 NYC Palladium
2CD The Police On stage ON/CD2277 1983-11-03 Atlanta and 1979-04-04 NYC Bottom line
7" acetate The Police in concert Dan records 1983-11-03 Atlanta and 1980-08-28 Frejus
2x7" acetate The Synchronicity show   1983-08-02 Montreal
CD The Truth Hits Everybody X rekords CD6DEF 1979-09-29 NYC Diplomat Hotel
CD This must be heaven Hall mark HM 020 1983-08-18 NYC Shea Stadium
CD Tokyo Yeah! Tarantura TCDP 2 1980-02-15 Tokyo
12" acetate Tower Philadelphia '79   1979-12-01 Philadelphia
CD U2 - Duets Oxygen OXY 019 1986-06-15 East Rutheford "Invisible Sun"
CD U2 - Tracks Vol II Yakuma Sound Co ND0964 1986-06-15 East Rutheford "Invisible Sun"
LP Under the blue sky S&M 10-81 Various sources
LP Vinyl villians Impossible IMP 1-104 1979-02-21 Hatfield
2CD Walking, don't stand so lonely Mixing recordings MX 7004 1983-10-14 Stockholm
CD/CS Walking on the moon On stage CD/ON 2295 1980-04-28 Newcastle
CD Wallaby Beech marten CD004 1981-02-22 Melbourne
CD Welcome to this three-men show Godfatherecords G.R. 221/222 2007-08-30 Stockholm
CD World tour in concert Joker productions WTO-10 1979-1994 Europe-US
Picture LP Wrapped around the cops PQR 221191 Various sources
LP Yesterday and today Royal sound RS 017 1986-06-15 East Rutheford
LP Zenyatta one night   1979-11-29 New York City, Palladium, "The Polic" variant

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