Welcome to Carlo's trade page!

Hi, here is where I would like to put my forthcoming HTML tradelist. But converting it will be a slow process, so for the moment you can find the unconverted one. If you already have a previous list of mine, you can find here the updates, for your convenience.

Please note: the stuff listed here is NOT FOR SALE, so DO NOT ASK. Thank you.
The Police and related (last update 01 Jan 2012)
Zipped excel tapelist (last update 15 Dec 2011)
  • HTML version, a bit shitty
  • Additions n. 3/2005 (1 Jan to 30 Sep 2005)
    Additions n. 2/2004 (1 Sep to 31 Dec 2004)
    Additions n. 1/2004 (1 Jan to 31 Aug 2004)
    Infofiles and setlists for *few* of the above (growing)
    Please do not ask for VHS, I do not trade them anymore, nor for VHS transfers
    Start here (VERY incomplete)
    Police (incomplete as well)
    Please note that lately I have not enough time to devote to trades unless it's the Police or Tom Robinson.

    I am interested mainly in Police stuff, and also any Police solo work except for Sting after 1984. I am also interested in alternate sources, different recordings, recordings with known lineage, quality upgrades, etc....

    I am also very interested in Tom Robinson Band stuff. Also Tom's solo work will do, but the TRB has precedence.

    I have a quite wide taste, so I'm interested in many other acts, mainly from the late 70s/early 80s. If you have a look at my trade list you wil have an idea.
    Please note that this trade list does NOT contain my old general tapelist. I will include it with time, while converting tapes to CDR.

    I will give precedence to trades for stuff with known lineage and not ripped off silver cds. I know that for many stuff the lineage simply is unknown.

    Please note: many are asking me for transfers of my tapes; if I could convert one tape per day, it would take about one year only for my Police tapes. As you can imagine, this schedule is simply not possible, so be prepared to wait, specially if you ask for many transfers.

    For the curious: I have been trading, on and off, for about 25 years now. I have always been involved mainly in Police and Tom Robinson Band stuff, and my collection is the result of that many years of trading. Most of the early generation Police stuff I have came from one of the biggest and oldest collections I acquired some time ago, merged with my own tapes.


    I am always looking for low generations or known lineage. I am also always interested in master copies and anything I do not have generally. I am willing to transfer your low gen copies with my own equipment, of course sending you back the result.

    I am also looking for those rare items people does not want to list nor even talk about and keep in their drawers. Please get in touch we may work something out.

    I also have some things of other artists that could be pretty rare and I am willing to trade them only for other (rare) Police items. A quick list includes:

    I am looking for the following Police audio shows in true untampered LOSSLESS LINEAGE (i.e. non mp3 sourced NOR NOISE REDUCED):

    I already have but need an upgrade of the followings: I am looking for the followings: If you have them, please contact me! Thanks!
    I am also interested in any Police show I do not have, any alternative source I do not have, and any recording with known lineage or better quality than mine.
    Contact me
    Carlo Bolchini