Here is my lists for Police stuff for trade/want/sale. Actually, I do not have a sale list, I really prefer to trade only.
For trade Wantlist For Sale


I have this stuff available for trades. If you're interested, do not hesitate to write me.
Please note that the image scans may not be of the actual item for trade.


These are just my most wanted items, specially bootlegs. There are many others, but sorry I cannot keep up with everything....
Last Updated 07/07/2003
PLEASE NOTE that there are many different variants of the same bootleg, even for those not listed here. If you have a Police bootleg not listed here, please write me anyway, you could have a variant or a bootleg I do not know of, so I could be interested. In this case, please include some descriptive details, so that I can see if I really do not have it (how looks the cover, how are the labels and what's the inscription on the vinyl in the run-out grooves - i.e. the matrix number).
Thank you!

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