Animal Logic II

  1. In The Garden
  2. Love In The Ruins (Doctor Dear Doctor)
  3. Through A Window
  4. Rose Colored Glasses
  5. If I Could Do It Over Again
  6. I Won't Be Sleeping Anymore
  7. Another Place
  8. Talking Is Good
  9. Sometimes It Feels So Good
  10. Stone In My Shoe
  11. What Looks Good On The Outside

  12. In The Garden
    Let's take a walk in the Garden of Eden
    Where Eve and Adam walked before
    No golden apple, no double meanin'
    Don't pay attention if you're offered more
    Let's roll around in the Garden of Eden
    Let's discover heavenly delights
    Don't need permission, don't need a reason
    We won't care if it's day or night
    No laws were broken here for what it's worth
    I'm beggin' you not to run
    Lay down your heart in paradise on earth
    Forget everything I've done
    We'll be walkin' in the garden
    Leave temptation behind
    We'll be dreamin' in the garden
    We can stay forver if you'd only make up your mind
    Across the deserts
    Over the oceans
    Lie the gates to
    Pure devotion
    So take my hand to a land we'll discover
    We can build a city of our own
    Maybe then we'll let in all of the others
    Or just stay locked in our homes
    No laws were broken...
    And when the thunder roars
    And lightning rocks the shores
    And every grain of sand gets washed away
    You and I will stay
    Love In The Ruins (Doctor Dear Doctor)
    When we first met you gave me a book
    "Love In The Ruins", the title
    When later you left that book on the shelf
    I knew that it had to be final
    It turned out to be a story of doom
    We read the first chapter together
    But I still continued to read in my room
    And hoped it would go on forever
    Doctor dear doctor I know how you feel
    There's so many people you're dyin' to heal
    And all you can do is the best you can do
    Doctor dear doctor it's all up to you
    A boy from the south with a hole in his heart
    Thought he would marry an actress
    I bought him a bed from a second hand store
    With a queen sized extra firm matress
    I followed the characters hangin' on the edge
    A Merle Haggard record was playing
    Closing my eyes as we lay on the bed
    I could not hear what they were saying
    And how could you leave me at a time like this
    How could you leave me at all
    Haven't you heard this is serious
    I'll pick up the telephone and call, I'll call
    chorus 2:
    Doctor dear doctor I know how you feel
    So many people are cryin'
    And all you can do is the best you can do
    Doctor dear doctor keep tryin'
    Through A Window
    Through a window
    I can see your face
    I can talk to you
    We can share a common place
    Through a window
    We can talk a while
    How you had it rough
    And being poor was not your style
    Through a window
    A wrong can never be made right
    And it's all because
    Of one eventful night
    Callin' out to the world
    Though I am miles away
    Whisper softly I'll hear the words you say
    Through a window
    I listen to your pain
    How it feels inside
    How you'll never be the same
    Through a window
    We barely say hello
    When someone's at your side
    And they say it's time to go
    Through a window
    You may posess a heart of gold
    All that I can do
    Is watch it growing cold
    Every time I close my eyes
    Baby then I can see the knife
    And somebody sayin'
    Boy you will pay with your life
    Through a window
    I still yearn for you
    I can kiss your lips
    And the love is coming through
    A window
    I can understand
    But when you walk away
    I wish you were with another man
    chorus 2:
    Callin' out in vain
    There's no one I blame
    When you're alone at night
    Do you feel the same
    Rose Colored Glasses
    It's a one way world that I'm lookin' at
    It's a heartless state I'm in
    It's a nervous time and because of that
    I stay right where I've been
    A hundred dreams gettin' carried away
    That won't be dreamed again
    When something's wrong,
    and you've known it all along
    It's easier to pretend
    I need a pair of rose colored glasses
    To see it all in a different light
    I need a pair of rose colored glasses
    I'm sick of seein' the world in black and white
    I need a pair of rose colored glasses
    Rose colored glasses
    It's a dead end street I've been running down
    To a hard line place I've come
    It's a lonely drive through a broken town
    No matter where you're from
    One more heart gettin' buried alive
    Don't misunderstand
    When you can't breathe, gettin' weaker in the knees
    You hide your head in the sand
    But if I saw the world as perfect
    I'd no longer care
    So smash the glass and throw them out
    Cause I don't want to wear
    Rose colored glasses
    If I Could Do It Over Again
    If I could do it over again
    If I could take the words I said
    Put 'em back, inside my head
    And keep 'em in it's where they belong
    To say what's on your mind
    without thinking is wrong
    If I could do it over again
    I'd be happy just to be
    Right beside you silently
    I'd appreciate what you'd done
    Instead of dwelling on what's missing
    I'd have fun
    I'd give anything for the chance
    (I'd give anything to make it right)
    If only I'd known everything in advance
    (To be with you tonight)
    I'd give anything for the chance
    To do it one more time - again
    If I could do it over again
    There are rules that I would break
    Different ways I'd make mistakes
    Just one thing that I wouldn't do
    I'd never say it's never cause that never is true
    At first I thought that everything was your fault
    Then somehow I took all the blame
    It's so hard to let it go
    And with all that I know
    I would do everything the same
    But I'd give anything...
    I Won't Be Sleeping Anymore
    I was feelin' pretty good
    When you knocked me off my feet
    I tried to dodge the blows
    Tried to turn the other cheek
    But you were much too quick for me
    You were so much quicker than me
    And you had such determination
    Well I could travel on
    But I have to make a fuss
    I've been shutting out the lights too long
    Been dreamin' way too much
    I'd like to face the facts
    But they're changin' every minute
    And I'm sick of information
    I know the whole world is not out to get me
    But I won't be sleeping anymore
    I might look terrible but you'll have to let me
    (But that won't upset me)
    Cause I won't be sleeping anymore
    No I won't be sleeping anymore
    My body's gettin' strong
    my heart is still a little weak
    If what you say is true
    Then you've been lyin' through your teeth
    I'm not the simple kid I was
    I'm not the easy mark
    And there's so many complications
    There were times when I thought I was doin' my best
    But I made a mistake, I was never awake
    Yeah I walked through the valley of
    the shadow of death
    And I wanna come back
    I'm not reay for that
    Another Place
    It's the best of times
    And the worst of all
    When you close your eyes
    Then you start to fall
    Every dam will burst
    Every glass will shatter
    It's a brand new world
    And that's all that matters
    Who will bang the gavel say enough is enough
    Who will be left standing to know which way is up
    In another place
    (if our pockets are empty)
    We can be satisfied
    (if our pockets are full)
    Every road and desire leads to another place
    When our ship comes in
    (if it happens tomorrow)
    We will be overjoyed
    (that our pockets are filled with sand)
    Count all our blessings
    And dream of another place
    It's the tender touch
    And it draws you in
    Till the fever drops
    Then you're back again
    Every baby cries
    Every man is bleeding
    Once you taste the wine
    Then you go needing
    Who can shake the ratle, ring the bell,
    hear the sound
    Of the quiet desperation when there's no one around
    Talking Is Good
    Talkin' is good
    Talkin' makes you think
    Talkin' is better than a strong drink
    What comes out if you let it
    You'll never know till you said it
    Talkin' is good, so good
    You got it bad, you got it all in your head
    Bats on the brain
    Creatures inside of your bed
    Cashin' it in you could feel better instead
    Before you could walk
    Had to learn how to crawl
    You know how to talk
    Why don't you tell me it all
    When you were small they told you that it was wrong
    Tuck it away
    That's the place it belongs
    Open your mouth forget the words to that song
    Nobody's here sayin' what you can do
    Shout it into the air
    I'm listening to you
    Yeah talkin' is good
    One word two words
    Once you open up you'll find a third
    YOur tongue undone
    Are you ever gonna stop
    Now that you've begun
    Talkin' is good
    But talkin' can be cheap
    Don't make a promise that you can't keep
    Better watch what you're saying
    Cause tomorrow you might be paying
    For talk that's no good, no good
    Talkin' is good
    Talkin' is good
    Talkin' is good
    Sometimes It Feels So Good
    Love was a golden apple
    Ripe on a hanging tree
    When it fell then the taste of battle
    Soured the fruit for me
    Feeling sorry for myself
    That's a story now for someone else
    Sometimes it feels so good I cry
    (I've been waiting so long)
    Sometimes it feels so good I cry
    (This time I can't be wrong)
    Sometimes it feels so good I cry
    (Sometimes I cry)
    Tears of joy drying on my face
    This had a different meaning
    Right from the start
    Laughing our shadows right off the ceiling
    Reviving a doubtful heart
    I don't know the words to say
    That's the reason I act this way
    Lyin' together
    Dreaming that I'm safe in your arms
    Knowing that nothin's forever
    If a bell's ringin'
    Let it be a false alarm
    Seems like ony yesterday
    I watched the apple as it rolled away
    Stone In My Shoe
    There's a stone inside my shoe
    I cannot tell you why
    And no it's not because of you
    I wouldn't tell a lie
    There is a stone inside my shoe
    I cannot tell you why
    I haven't even got a clue
    So darlin' don't you cry
    What Looks Good On The Outside
    They say love was not to blame
    She married into a family with a name
    Our favorite story, everyone's dream
    The camera recorded every scene
    We could see the pictue was perfect
    So how could we know
    It was easy at the start
    A little girl with a big dream in her heart
    Every action every friend
    Would lead to a land beyond pretend
    Laying plans for all of the journey
    Except for the end
    What looks good on the outside
    May be falling apart on the inside
    What looks good on the outside
    Might be all that you want to believe
    But it's coming apart at the seams
    On the inside
    One description led to more
    A little voice inside her head got easier ro ignore
    The great pretender, a partner of fear
    Until no one dared to get near
    Overnight she woke up and wondered
    How did I get here
    When you wish for something more
    Careful what you're wishing for
    From afar it all can glitter
    But the taste can still be bitter